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Thailand, population of 66,404,686 with density of 132.1/km2 is independent country, lies in heart of Southeast Asia. This is 50th largest country in world with slightly big than Spain in terms of area. Its climate is tropical, with home of several distinct regions.
The Andaman Sea is known as Thailand’s most precious resources with Asia, most luxurious hotels. With its local language Thai, it is principal language of education, government and spoken throughout country.
Thailand culture is combination of Chinese, Lao, Burmese, Indian and Cambodian. It has three main games with Thai Boxing, Rugby and Sepak Takraw.
Top destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Chang Mai, Koh Samui and Sukhothai.
Bangkok: it is capital of Thai since 1782. The grand palace and temple of Wat Phra Kaeo are Bangkok’s best known places. Wat Pho is also called Reclining Buddha, this is oldest and largest Wat in Bangkok.
Chang Mai: this is second city of Bangkok and gateway to northern Thailand. There are 300 temples and monasteries’ equal to Bangkok. It is also described loveliest city, it has flavor of past with its moated old city, leafs back streets and ancient wats.
Koh Samui: This is third largest city of Thailand, 80 minute flight from Bangkok. The Thailand’s inland waterfalls has good afternoon picnic place. Every full moon party at beaches that sees youngsters from around the world, painting themselves into colors and dancing on beats of techno, house and mainstream music.
SukhoThai: twelve kilometers away there is new city of SukhoThai, an assuming place of markets and friendly locals notable for its location. Wat Mahathat is largest and grandest monument in ShukhoThai.
Visit to Thailand is memorable with peace of mind, old and ancient culture. One can have international roaming, so one should choose good connection provider with money saving offers. A local Thailand SIM card could be good option but not better than international SIM card.

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