Air India Express Is Going To Fly On Domestic Routes

After much hold up Air India would soon start its low-cost arm Air India express serving the domestic paths in line with its competitors Jet-Konnect, Jet-Lite and Kingfisher Red. Air India Express would shortly start procedures on domestic paths as the low-cost arm of Air India like Jet-Konnect operates by Jet Airways and Kingfisher Red operated by Kingfisher Airlines. Air India express would soon start flying on domestic routes and will provide the best and cheap air services to the India Travellers. The nationwide carrier fully-owned subsidiary already soars on Gulf and Southeast Asia paths. Air India is the only airline that does not have a household low-cost arm though its competitors Jet Airways is having Jet-Konnect and Jet-Lite while the Kingfisher Airlines is having Kingfisher Red have been running no-frill carriers for over two years now.

Air-India-Express is low-cost airline, subsidiary of Air India based in Mumbai like Jet-Konnect operates by Jet Airways and Kingfisher Red operated by Kingfisher Airlines. Air-India-Express operates services mainly to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Air-India-Express is now part of the National Aviation business of India restricted which was formed in order to facilitate the seamless amalgamation of Air India and Indian Airlines. Air India Express had launched in May 2004 and Air India Express had started its operations on 29 April 2005 with a flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Abu Dhabi.

The passenger traffic in Delhi actually was 26 million a year the integrated Terminal-3 has a capacity to handle 35 million per annum but there would have another plush terminal at the IGI aerodrome like Terminal-3 by 2016 to handle the rapidly growing air traffic. Although the surplus capability is likely to be tired in a couple of year’s time and capacity augmentation would be required soon enough. The expert design of the aerodrome has been drawn up envisaging extension of the present fatal to accommodate added traffic. The next fatal T4 would arrive up round 2016.

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