Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

In travel agencies, when a tourist says he wants to or wanted to go to Puerto Rico, is usually shown as the main cities attractions. San Juan, Carolina, Ponce, Bayamon, etc., are some of the most famous of this country belonging to the United States of America. But lately, thanks to the spread provided by world famous divers, Borinquen, also known as Puerto Rico, is a good destination to go diving. Even for people who do not feel or say they feel a special attraction for the sea, this activity may interest a lot.

Diving has long since ceased to be a purely professional activity, reserved only for naturalists and researchers. Now is also considered a hobby or an activity in which many people find peace, imagination. In addition to a contact with nature. You can dive alone (a), in pairs or with a group of friends. You can do it by day or night. Of course, it is necessary to have special equipment and advice from people with knowledge of diving activity to ensure both fun and safe activity. scuba diving Puerto Rico, no doubt, is quite interesting.

Perhaps the first thing to admire in Puerto Rico is that, except in the North, the other cardinal points are fit to dive. The East, West and South offered by each particular scenario the ocean. The most advisable, for underwater geography and animal and plant species by number and famous congregate there is the east. The reference points here are the island of Vieques, Culebra, Humacao and Fajardo. It is excellent for those who like to see some marine wildlife in action, near the coast where they can feel more secure.

The western part of Puerto Rico is not as rich in wildlife, but perhaps most interesting landforms. Reefs, white sands and the proximity to the Open Sea, are the highlights of this Puerto Rican region diving. They are very attractive coral gardens as well as the presence of stripes. This area is ideal for underwater diving eg family, and that can be said to be more suitable for beginners. South Zone which completes the triangle of diving in Puerto Rico is the most suitable for plans in couple. Anyone reason? You can dive at night by bioluminescent waters. Also, if you want to enjoy a comprehensive plan that includes visits to the mainland, are the towns of Guanica, La Parquera and Ponce, with the latter named in songs referring to the Casa de Doa Monce.

Of course, never too many useful tips before you go diving in Puerto Rico. You can direct those interested to localities that have specialized equipment and staff resources for education and monitoring of this practice. If the travel agency offers you these plans, it’s a good chance for option.


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