The World’s Top Sailing Holiday Destinations

You don’t have to be savvy in all things sailing-related to go on a sailing holiday. These days whether or not you have your own yacht doesn’t matter either. As long as you’ve got the funds for a boating trip, you’re all set as many holiday boats can be rented complete with a competent crew. Quite probably the toughest decision you face is that of where to go. So start thinking about what climates you prefer, whether you can handle choppy seas and how much money you can afford to spend. To help you out here are brief descriptions of some of the world’s top sailing holiday destinations.

Greek Island Sailing

Glistening blue seas, white sands and stunning island scenery await in Greece. Each island in the expansive archipelago has its own character but all are united by the charm and hospitality of the locals, and mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisine. Olives, moussaka (an eggplant and lamb-based dish), and spanakopita (spinach pie) are just some of the delicacies you could be munching on. And don’t forget to try a shot of fiery ouzo, the local anise-flavoured aperitif.
Expect high temperatures and blaring sunshine so pack a fair amount of sunscreen lotion, and at least one wide-brimmed hat.

Caribbean Sailing

Sailing in the Caribbean is about as tropical as you can get. Hopping between the area’s islands is fascinating as each is a different world, and not all form part of the same country. You could be visiting Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and other island states on your journey getting to experience a bit of local culture at each stop.
The seas here are electric blue, the sands are pure white, and the palm trees are green as can be.
Local foods are full of flavour and spiced liberally. Popular ingredients include plantains, rice, chick peas, cilantro and coconut. Rum is the region’s potent beverage of choice.

Norwegian Fjord Sailing

If you’re looking for something other than sunny beaches and non-stop sunshine, then Norway could be just what you’re looking for. Its stunning fjords stretch all the way down the west coast. Boating plays a major part in the local tourism industry as there’s arguably no better way to experience the fjords.
Along the way you’ll see stunning mountain ranges, rock formations, and, in the north, glaciers. Local flora and fauna are abundant. Norway is not the warmest of countries so bring a fair few jumpers even in the summer when evenings tend to be chilly. Unfortunately, the northern country is also notoriously expensive.
Visitors should make sure to feast on freshly caught seafood, fiskebollar (fish balls), and local game like moose and reindeer. A popular alcoholic beverage is honey wine or mead.

Middle East Sailing

Sailing in the Middle East is an exotic experience. Local customs will see you treated like royalty by the crew. Expect lavish surroundings and meals. Your journey could take in Oman, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and other stops. The local yacht-owning population is extravagantly rich, many are employed in the oil industry.
Marinas in the Middle East are excellent destinations for boat aficionados as the yachts on show are often among the newest on the market.
In the Middle East enjoy foods made from ingredients like olives, dates, chick peas, mint and sumac. Popular dishes include shawarma and kibbeh. If you have the chance, indulge in the Qamar El Deen apricot drink.
The weather is pleasant all year round with plenty of sunshine. Avoid the hottest summer months.

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