How To Enjoy Your Antiguan Vacation.

Are you looking to have an exhilarating getaway this year? Well, head off to Antigua! Antigua is the main Leeward Island. It is closely linked to Britain and has 365 gorgeous beaches.

With a rich culture and heritage, Antigua has a lot to offer to its visitors. Known for the best hotels in the world, your trip to Antigua will surely be memorable as well as full of activities. The calypso bands, music, overwhelming sights, and astounding sunsets all make a perfect package for you to cherish on your Antigua holiday. Antigua is brimming with resorts and restaurants at every spot, and offers terrific nightlife.

The island of Antigua is a magnificent mixture of coral, limestone, and volcanic rock. Due to this, you will find rainforests and picturesque mountain ranges, as well as crystal waters here. Its sister island Barbuda adds to its significance even more.

Most important on the ‘must-see’ list should be the English Harbour National Park area. It covers Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights. These are great spots of the island’s history.

On Sundays particularly, go to Shirley Heights for an amazing time. You can get in touch with Safari companies to take a trip of the veiled ruins and old-fashioned villages of the island’s remarkable centre. However, if you want to drive by yourself, do remember to go by rainforest trail called Fig Tree Drive, Betty’s Hope. You can also take a day trip to Barbuda from Antigua, and enjoy twin trips.

At the island’s capital St. John’s, you will have numerous places to eat delicious food of all kinds and make the best of duty-free shopping. Not only this, there are terrific bars and restaurants including Caf Napoleon, Pizzas in Paradise, and C&C Wine Bar to hang out and eat in.

Regardless, the stunning beaches of Antigua remain the main attraction for a majority of tourists. A large number of them are on the west coast and all of them are open for tourists. Every beach has something distinctive about it. Due to this, the most appealing part is to discover different beaches and uncover the uniqueness of each. On the northwest coast lies Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay. Both these bays are properly set-up with beautiful resort beaches. Fort James, and Deep Bay are the nearest to the capital of the island. In the winter, people prefer to visit Galley Bay for surfing. Additionally, beaches at Hawksbill are amazing.

On the southwest and south coast of the island of Antigua there are beaches that are not very popular because of the hilly area. Here beautiful beaches, including Fryes Bay and Darkwood Beach, are found. Rendezvous Bay, and Doigs Beach specifically, are not very busy.

If you plan to go to a beach for relaxation purpose alone, the best one is Pigeon Point. You must also go to Halfmoon Bay, the national park, on the east coast, the southeast side. Two of the finest places to go with family are the national park and Long Bay, which are the best beaches for families.

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