Wonders Of Canada

This is bilingual nation with English and French as official languages. This is one of highly developed countries and has diversified economy. It is also second largest country by area. The population density with 3.3 per square km is lowest population and have total population over 34 million.

Being a vast country, it has many lakes, containing much of waters. You could have dynamic land with volcano, earthquakes. With its unique style, it has many wonders natural and manmade also.

The Canoe: it is small narrow boat, typically human powered. But it may also be sails and gas/electric motors powered also. It is propelled by use of paddles by two people. Paddles could be single blades or double blades.

The Igloo: An igloo is snow house type of snow shelter. There are three traditional types of igloo. Smallest is temper ray made for only 2-3 days. Next to semi-permanent, this was usually a single room dwelling that housed one or two families. Often there were several of these in a small area, which formed an Inuit village. Largest is made for groups based on occasions. There might be 5 rooms, holding 20 people in it.

Niagara Falls: The Niagara Falls is voluminous waterfalls on the Niagara River. The falls are 17 miles (27 km) north-northwest of Buffalo, New York and 75 miles (120 km) south-southeast of Toronto, Ontario, between the twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. Says wiki.

Old Quebec: This is neighborhood of Quebec, the capital of province of Quebec. You could not enjoy motorcycle driving untill are residents and workers under permit. Quebec has two towns where upper town is walled fortess located above river. And lower town was port, huddled between cliffs and rivers. Lower City was populated with merchants and craftsmen.

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