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“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson
Traveling is the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones or to explore the unknown to gather practical knowledge about the geographical location, people, tourist attractions and more. Of a particular destination
Life is getting busier by the day and one hardly has time to meticulously plan a travel which includes hotel booking, transport arrangements sightseeing etc. We step in here as expert travel organizers who not only help you plan better but also offer cheap resort packages, Cheap travel deals, Cheap restaurant deals, Cheap cruise deals and more
Our website revolves around the concept of group buying where you can save a lot of money on travel by availing huge travel discounts. People who wish to travel to the same destination come together in a group on our website. They specify their choices for hotels/ resorts while joining a particular group. When the member count reaches 40, the destination features on our “Join our destination” section and we start negotiating with the hotels and resorts of your choice for the best resort deal possible. We also arrange for cheap cruise deals, discounts on special events, cheap restaurant deals and more as we purchase these services in bulk for you.
When the member count of a group reaches 100 the destination features on our “Deals on “section and is ready for purchase. Once you decide to buy a cheap travel deal from our website we will send you a mail containing the details of the travel deal and also a link to the purchasing page. The bigger you group is the better is the deal we can arrange for you So to acquire cheap travel deals all you have to do is spread the word across through your social network and cajole like minded people to join your group.
What if the destination you wish to travel to is not featuring on the “deals on” section? In this case you can check out the list of destinations featuring on our “Join a destination” section .If you cant find your favorite destination on this list too then just register with us and create you own group by adding a destination to our “ add a destination “ section . You are free to create you r own group on our site which is a unique feature that we provide to our users.
Users from all over US and also other parts of the world get benefited from our website as they get cheap travel deals on our website and the best part is, there is no obligation to travel together with your group members. The current cheap travel packages featuring on our “Deals on” Section and available for purchase are Tropicana Resort and Casino, Las Vegas; Rio Mar Resort and Spa, Puerto Rico; London, England; Cruise from New York to Bermuda; Disney world, Florida; Times Square, New York City and Cancun , Mexico . If any of these travel destination are of interest to you then visit our website for more details. Our business association with exquisite resorts and hotels, who provide state of the art amenities at unbelievable prices, will make your travel with us the most memorable experience in your life.

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