American Airlines; From Ft. Worth To The World

American Airlines happens to be one of the largest airlines in the world and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.


In case you are not a resident of the U.S., Canada, selected countries in Latin America or the Caribbean, or U.K., you are not eligible for online purchase of airline tickets. However, your tickets can be placed on hold for purchase at an American airline ticket office. On the official website of American airlines,, you can book a flight as early as 329 days before the scheduled date of departure.

While most travelers will prefer electronic ticketing, there are certain parameters to be eligible for the same. In order to qualify for electronic ticketing, you must have a billing address in any one of the several countries as specified by the airline and your itinerary must be entirely on American Airlines or any other carrier with which American Airlines has an interline electronic ticketing agreement.

Besides, it is important that your itinerary does not exceed sixteen flight segments. As a traveler on American Airlines, you should be aware that certain destinations in your itinerary might not allow electronic ticketing travel.

American airline also offers Express ticket service to Latin American and Caribbean travelers that allow them to hold a reservation online and then call the local reservation office of the airline to complete the purchasing transaction.


Being a leading airline in the aviation industry, American Airlines offers the most lucrative travel deals to its customers around the year. You can sign up on the website to receive emails regarding special offers, seasons discounts, and NetSAAver fares for a delightful travel experience at incredibly low rates.

American Airlines is currently offering low airfares between Vail/Eagle, CO and several amazing cities across the continental U.S. Fares are in the range of $300 to $400 for a round trip economy class travel. Fares are applicable for travel from Vail, CO from Tuesday through Friday, while travel to Vail, CO can be enjoyed at these rates only for travel from Sunday through Wednesday.

Other similar offers on the platter include getaway weekend offers, summertime savings for Canada and many more.


You can check out the flight schedule on the official website and accordingly plan your trip. You can also download the entire AA or one world timetable from the website to plan a convenient itinerary.


American Airlines offers convenient flights between destinations in Asia (China, Japan, India, etc.), Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, etc.), North America (Canada, Mexico, U.S., etc.) Central America and South America and practically connects people across the world.

Great connectivity coupled with extraordinary customer service has made American Airlines the leading airline today.

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